Sunday, 16 August 2015

Residential Apartment Renovation / Company Staff Quarter Renovation project - A guide for my fellow colleagues in Facilities Management discipline

The maintenance of GK I Residential quarters posed challenges to the Facilities & Support services team due to:

  • Heavy Seepage problems – from terrace, washrooms, shafts etc.
  • Resultant of this seepage the steel reinforcements of the slabs of the rooms and staircase got rusted which resulted cracks in the slabs
  • The old installed water inlet and outlet pipes were also damaged which also caused seepages which could not be addressed properly by regular repairs & maintenance activities
  • The electrical fixtures were also to be changed which were partially damaged due to seepage etc.  
Solutions Proposed

To address the afore-mentioned challenges it was decided:

  • Water-proofing of the terrace of the Blocks and water-proofing of washrooms and toilets
  • Structural repair of exposed reinforcements and damaged parts in the staircases and ceiling of flats
  • Changing the Sewage and Rain water pipes externally
  • Changing the external water supply pipes and overhead water tanks
  • Renovating the washroom, toilet & kitchen of every flat – changing of all damaged concealed water pipes with new ones as well as installing new sanitary hardware – wash basin, western style WC, Kitchen sink etc., 
  • New wall and floor tiles for Kitchen, washroom & toilet, drawing cum Dining Hall
  • Polishing and Grinding of the mosaic flooring of all rooms
  • Changing / Repairing of damaged / rusted windows and doors with new painting
  • Internal Painting (OBD) of all flats
  • External Painting (Cement based paint) of the blocks
  • Changing the electrical fittings, fans, light fitting, switches and sockets etc.

Pics – Before commencement of the project

Pics – taken during the project

After completion of the project

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